Snowboard Sizing Charts and Calculator

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If you do this, you are only going to make it harder on your child to learn and progress in the sport of snowboarding. Too narrow of a stance can also make turning and controlling your board more difficult.

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Snowboard Sizing

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. These were a great buy, super good fit. A bit short for me but I am used to it; I wear them rolled one time on bottom. I wanted a tight look without it feeling suffocating and these were exactly that! Medium flex ratings can be found in freeriding and freestyle snowboards. If you like powdered and also like cruising down groomers or like hitting larger jumps and the pipe a medium flexing board will be a great choice.

If a board is too stiff it can be inoperable at low speeds, if a board is too soft it can wash out if you land a trick off center. Choosing a medium flexing board will help you navigate any type of terrain. Boards made for freestyle riding tend to be on the softer side.

Some all-mountain boards also feature a soft flex for a playful versatility. Soft flexing boards are ideal for tweaking tricks in the park and pressing handrails due to their ability to bend with ease.

The extra ability to flex makes it easier to control your board at slower speeds for technical maneuvers. A soft flex is not the most stable design for jetting down mountains at super high speeds, but can hold its own in park and street setups.

Softer boards are also recommended for beginners and lighter weight riders. A soft flex is good for a beginner because it will help them start linking turns easier and will be a little more forgiving if they bail. Riders who are light for their snowboard size ranges will benefit from a softer board also. They will be able to bend the board easier, allowing them to perform properly. Every board has a precisely calculated sidecut radius designed for a specific purpose and function. Deeper sidecuts, often depicted in a lower number of centimeters, are present on boards with narrower waists and have the ability to turn quicker and sharper with less effort.

Deep sidecuts are good for beginners and park riders alike. Mellow sidecuts, a measurement with a higher amount of centimeters, are found on boards with wider waists such as some freeride boards. While sacrificing the ability to turn on a dime, boards with a shallow sidecut float easier on powder due to the added amount of surface area.

These boards will also handle better at higher speeds and in tougher terrain. Radial Sidecuts are the bread and butter of the sidecut world. The entrances and exits of turns have the exact same arc, meaning if the Radial Sidecut is centered on the board a carve could become a perfect circle with enough speed. If a board was built with the same feel as a Ferrari it would have a Progressive Sidecut.

The egg shaped arc makes the transition into turns smooth and the exit out of turns aggressive. With a smaller heelside edge sidecut radius a rider has the ability to make quicker more agile turns that mimic that of a toeside turn. Multiple Sidecut boards are the SUVs of the snowboard world. Contact points are in connection with the snow more than the rest of your effective edge. Edges should be sharpened routinely to maintain a precise edge hold.

Dulling your edges for freestyle riding purposes gives the board less chance to hang up on the surface you happen to be jibbing but will be more difficult to turn on hard groomers or ice. Hole-patterns refer to the round, threaded metal insert holes that every snowboard features to secure your bindings to the board. It can be nice to know the difference between the hole-patterns if you are looking for that perfect stance that provides optimal comfort.

These holes can be arranged in multiple orientations. There are a handful of different hole-patterns that snowboard manufacturers utilize most. Each style of hole-pattern has their pros and cons and they should all be considered when shopping for a new board. This is a tried-and-true insert construction and offers a moderate amount of stance opportunities. This insert arrangement works with almost all binding disc designs with a few exceptions.

This design offers more holes placed vertically on the board, which are all spaced an equal two centimeters apart. This is a great option for someone looking to be able to make some minuscule adjustments to their stance setup. This insert arrangement is found on the majority of boards today and works with almost all binding disc designs with a few exceptions.

Other companies may also produce Burton compatible binding inserts to accommodate your setup selection.

Sliders A few different companies have offered a sliding insert system over the years with the same goal in mind. The goal is to have the most freedom possible when choosing a stance setup. Once upon a time, women used boards that were constructed for men. Today there a magnitude of women-specific snowboard designs available by just about every major brand. This is important because proper width allows you to apply an adequate amount of pressure to your edges to turn and stay in control.

As long as your boots cooperate with the width of your board, you should be ok. Sizing a snowboard for the young guns is just as easy as the standard size boards. These guidelines should still be considered when picking out a new board for the kids. A common mistake parents make is buying an adult-sized board that they think their child can grow into.

If you do this, you are only going to make it harder on your child to learn and progress in the sport of snowboarding. That longer board will be tougher to turn and maneuver for the little dudes. Make sure you get one that fits correctly. Youth boards also tend to be a bit softer than adult boards, giving the rider a bit more control. It is important for beginners to have what they need so they can fall in love with the sport, stick with it and end up dominating the slopes. Snowboard Binding Size Chart.

Snowboard Boot Size Chart. This is no doubt the most commonly asked question in any shop. First of all, it is important to consider your weight, height, and riding style when choosing a new board. Please refer to our Snowboard Sizing section of the Selecting Your Setup guide for details on each of the necessary factors involved with choosing a proper snowboard. Some advanced freeride snowboarders use longer and stiffer boards which take more muscle and skill to control. This sounds similar to a beginner style board, but advanced freestyle riders use them for a whole other reason.

To sum it up, anybody can use any board they like. It is all a matter of finding the best fit for you and your type of riding. A regular stance refers to riders who ride with their left foot forward. Goofy riders ride with their right foot forward.

There are a few different tricks you can do to help determine your stance. One very common and sort of fun trick to figure out your preferred stance, is to run and slide on a smooth surface in your socks to see which foot you put forward.

The foot you place forward is most likely going to work best as your lead leg on a snowboard. In this case, the foot you place behind yourself could work best for your rear leg. In general, your stance should be as wide as or a bit wider than your shoulder width. A common mistake is to have too narrow of a stance. Having a stance width less than your shoulder width will reduce your ability to balance. Too narrow of a stance can also make turning and controlling your board more difficult.

Keep it simple and just find a width that is comfortable. Lay your board flat on the ground and stand on it. Adjust your stance by spreading your feet to a point where you feel comfortable and have a solid balance over the board.

Now slap those bindings on and test it out, you can always make adjustments. Whether you are a fresh-legged beginner or a shred-veteran, board tuning is important when trying to keep your board in good shape. Tuning a snowboard also helps the board perform its best by increasing edging capabilities and should be done regularly.

It is also common for freestyle riders to regularly detune or dull their edges to get rid of potential hang-ups such as cuts and burs. This is ideal for riders who spend a lot of time jibbing. As a guideline, a snowboard should be tuned at least once a year by a professional in a shop. If you do not know how to tune your board, refer to the How to tune your edges information found in the How-To section.

Snowboard waxing can be done regularly to ensure the best performance on the snow. A new coat of wax will help give your board a better glide, making it faster and more responsive.

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