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From spring to summer to fall, there's no bad time to wear women's button-down shirts. In fall or winter, cozy up at home in a long sleeve shirt with a plaid pattern or a heavy denim fabric. In spring or summer, wear a short sleeve button-down top to the office or a coffee date.

A one-piece back, which is usually pleated, gathered, or eased into a section of fabric in the upper part of the back behind the neck and over the shoulders known as the yoke either one-piece or seamed vertically in the middle ; one-piece sleeves with plackets at the wrist, or else short-sleeved cut off above the elbow , though this is not traditional; a band of fabric around each wrist known as a cuff; the collar, a strip around the neck, which is normally a turndown collar, with the strip folded down away from the neck, leaving two points at the front, the width of which is known as the spread; and finally two front panels which overlap slightly down the middle on the placket to fasten with buttons or rarely shirt studs. The shirt required for white tie is very specific.

Short-sleeved button-ups impart a feminine silhouette for the office or travel, while the beloved women's camp shirt is a practical style for any occasion. Whether you choose a V-neck top or a sleeveless tank, a perfectly draped short-sleeved shirt can make any outfit feel luxurious.
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Short-sleeved button-ups impart a feminine silhouette for the office or travel, while the beloved women's camp shirt is a practical style for any occasion. Whether you choose a V-neck top or a sleeveless tank, a perfectly draped short-sleeved shirt can make any outfit feel luxurious.
Edwards Women's Short Sleeve Dress Button Down Oxford Shirt Edwards Women's Short Sleeve Dress Button Down Oxford Shirt SLEEVE LENGTH: Place one end of tape at the bottom of your collar, at the center of your back, then measure down around your elbow to the bottom of your wrist (it helps to have your arm slightly bent) SLEEVE LENGTH.
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Universal Thread Women's Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt, White M. Add to Wishlist Add to cart $ Product Description. From the workweek to the weekend, you'll be ready to take it on in comfortable style with the Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt from Universal Thread. In a solid neutral, this short-sleeve collared shirt is a seamless.

Late 70s -Two East- Womens white background polyester cotton blend short sleeve button up front shirt. Plaid and small checked print in red, navy blue, wine, green and gold, banded sleeves, shoulder e Solid color with ruched shoulders, fold over shawl style collar with extended front ties and a s Smock style in a bold striped print in shades of red, sapphire blue, sea blue, wine and midnight blue, co Elaborate embroidered designs on the front and sleeves, trim stitching on the notc Late 70s -No Label- Womens white background polyester cotton blend short sleeve pullover hippie shirt.

Classic style with bright multi color embroidered floral designs on the gathered yoke and trim st Embroidered floral designs on the front and sleeves in shades of pink, red, gr Smock style with gathered yoke detail in front, busy floral print in dusty shades of pink, rose, orange, yel Early 80s -No Label- Womens white and hazy sky blue polyester cotton blend short sleeve pullover sporty knit shirt.

Horizontal striped patterns, soft woven texture and removeable matching fabric narro Abstract jungle like print includes birds, cats, foliage and more, slight tapered fit. Notched fold over collar Tunic length in a polka dot and patterned dot print, bust darts and back shaping darts, contrast Paisley bandana print on the front and collar, white silky back and Round neckline, single patch pock Fold over collar, tw Round neckline, no pockets and square hemline with large side slits.

Single gold and ivory button on the Fold over collar, two flap pockets with button closure and shirttails hemline. Solid color, pleats off the padded shoulders in front, back yoke detail, pleat accented pockets and fold back sleeves Cycling style shirt with tapered fit and back inset mesh zip close pocket, stretchy fit, zip front half placket. Abstract geometric style print in shades of teal, red, yellow, blue and white, accordion elastic band Solid color with subtle crinkled texture, goldtoned buttons on the pockets, yoke detail and back pleat.

Featuring plain yellow rib knit along the collar, cuffs, o Solid color with embroidered floral designs on the right front and on the left pocket in shades of red, Soft texture and very subtle leopard pattern overall, tapered fit.

Solid color with pleats down the front, slight tapered fit. Semi-scoop neck, no pockets and square hemline. Subtle sheeny baroque style designs overall, padded shoulders and slight tapered fit, single button loop back Cropped length with a seamed crossover look front and back, notched hem. Wide round neckline, no pockets. Vertical striped print in shades of pink, coral, turquoise, lavender and grey, ruched shoulders.

Bold abstract floral print in shades of teal, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange and white. Bold abstract banded print on the sleeves and neckline in shades of white, orange, red, green, purple, teal a Classic peasant style with roomy fit, curled ribbon trim on the hemline, on the crocheted squared neckline and on t Hawaiian style in a bold foliage and tropical flower print in shades of orange, red, white, gold, mo Busy pansy floral print in shades of hot pink, magenta, turquoise, gold, olive and red, three Buffalo checked print, pleats off the shoulders in front and one off the back yoke, two button close pat Solid color, tapered fit and draped semi-scoop neckline, square hem with small side slits.

Layered white lacy ruffles on the Veed neckline and shoulders, ribbon bow accent, puff Hip length with scattered appliqued patches in multi prints and textures in shades of brown, tan, teal, taupe a Late 80s or Early 90s -No Label- Womens natural white background cotton linen short sleeve snap front hippie shirt.

Woven texture with striped banding on the sleeves, around the neck and on the placke White embroidered floral design on the front, roomy fit, rib knit banded round neck and hemline. No pockets and square he Sign up for our newsletter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Polyvore. Copyright Rusty Zipper tm. The buttonholes are one of the few places where the difference between hand and machine stitching can be observed while the shirt is being worn, and fashion designers sometimes use contrasting thread here or on the buttons themselves for extra impact.

To give extra fullness to the back, there are often pleats where the back panel joins to the yoke. On some fittings these are not needed, and handmade shirts may feature the extra fabric being worked continuously into the seam. In America, a box pleat is common two pleats together in the centre , while in Britain the pleats are placed wider out under the shoulders.

The less casual shirts in Britain will have no pockets, but the standard shirt in America has a single one on the wearer's left side, which is a sewn-on patch with a plain upper hem, optionally with a single button for closure. This small pocket is large enough to hold a pack of cigarettes or a few pens a pocket protector can be used.

Less formal shirts may feature larger pockets, dual pockets, or pockets with flap closures; safari or other military styled shirts often feature two large pockets with buttoned flaps. Less formal shirts may have small pockets on the sleeves as well. Shoulder straps are virtually non-existent on formal shirts, with the exception of military clothing. Short-sleeved shirts have a plain no-button hem above the wearer's elbow. They are considered a casual summer or tropical option, though many people wear only the traditional long sleeves in all circumstances.

In the UK, the term dress shirt is reserved for a particular type of formal shirt. There are formal day shirts for wearing with morning dress , and the white dress shirts used as eveningwear. A day dress shirt is fairly similar to a normal shirt, and is usually white, with a stiff detachable collar , though other designs, such as a vertical blue stripe, are also appropriate.

Double cuffs are most common. This sort of shirt is also conventionally worn by some barristers and judges. An evening shirt, for wear with eveningwear, for example as part of black or white tie has some unique features.

The shirt is always white. The shirt required for white tie is very specific. It should have a detachable wing collar and be fastened with shirt studs instead of buttons on the front. The studs are normally mother of pearl set in gold or silver, but black onyx inlay is also permissible.

The cufflinks should match the studs. The shirt front has panels made of different material from the rest of the shirt which are the only parts seen under the waistcoat. The shape of the panels, one on each side, is either rectangular, or the older U-shape designed to sit under the older s U-shaped waistcoats, now largely replaced by the more modern V-shape. The material for the panels is either layers of thick plain cotton that is heavily starched this type is often called a boiled front shirt as the shirt needs to be put in boiling water to remove the starch before cleaning , or marcella piqué cotton.

Marcella is more common, but a little less formal, though still appropriate, since it was originally designed to be used on formal evening shirts, as the ribbing can pick up more starch and create an even stiffer front. Traditionally, collarless shirts with a detachable wing collar fastened on with collar studs have been used, but all-in-one designs are occasionally seen, though this is considered incorrect and to give a poor appearance by many.

Black tie offers more leeway. Shirts may be soft not starched , which gives the options of unstarched marcella or a pleated front, as well as the white tie shirts, which may also be worn with black tie. The collar is still sometimes a stiff high wing collar common in America, though the attached variety is more popular there , or a turndown collar more frequently seen in Britain.

In past decades, particularly the s, ruffled shirt fronts were made fashionable by Will Hunter, [ citation needed ] although they are now out of favour. Dress-studs are optional, and are onyx set in either silver or gold if used; otherwise the buttons are normally concealed under a placket. Cufflinks tend to be as simple and understated as possible, and harmonise with, if not match, the studs.

The placket of the shirt is the part that holds the buttons and the button holes. This is highly regarded as the focal point of the dress shirt when worn casually. Unfortunately due to the lack of reinforcement, the weight of the collar will cripple the placket throughout the day. No amount of starch, ironing, pressing nor does the type of fabric matter when it comes to combating the collapse.

Shirts are made of woven cloth. The natural fibers used more commonly in the past were cotton the most frequent , linen the oldest , ramie , wool or silk. Nowadays, artificial fibers such as polyester or polyester blends are also used, due to their low cost, despite being considered by most shirtmakers the poorest material, owing to less softness and breathability.

However, these plastic based matterals create microp plastic pollution. Giza Cotton [8] is type of high-quality cotton which is preferred choice among high-end shirtmakers, because of its long staple length. Linen produces a cool fabric that wrinkles heavily, and is mostly used in light summer shirts. Cotton is therefore the standard material for all but the cheapest shirts. Silk is occasionally worn, though it is hot to wear and has a marked sheen.

Yarns from these fibers are woven into a variety of different weaves, the most notable of which include broadcloth , with double the number of warp to weft threads, giving a smooth, formal shirting; twill , where the tucks of the weft do not line up, giving a diagonal pattern, a weave used for most country checked e. Tattersall shirtings; poplin , with a heavier warp than weft, giving more formal fabric; and Oxford weaves.

Plain Oxford or pinpoint Oxford weaves are popular as casual fabrics, so are generally used in combination with a button-down collar, while royal Oxford is versatile enough to be used on both sporty and formal shirts. There are many other weaves or variations on these, including end-on-end patterns, where alternate white and coloured threads are used, giving a mottled appearance, or more exotic weaves, including voile and batiste , which are extremely light fabrics only used for summer shirts or on the unseen parts of formal shirts.

The use of pattern and colour is also significant. Originally, in the Edwardian era , when the modern shirt emerged, all shirts were white.

Gradually more colours were introduced, including blue, the most popular colour, particularly in lighter shades such as Wedgwood. A full range of colours is now worn, from pink to yellow. Less traditional shirts are also made with darker colours, even black, and bright or lighter colours and prints for very casual wear were popularised after the War by light holiday clothes such as Hawaiian shirts. The intended use of shirts dictates different choices of pattern. For example, country shirts are usually checked, with checks of different size to co-ordinate with tweeds of different pattern, and featuring one, two, or sometimes more colours of check over a light cream or white background.

For city shirts, plain or striped designs are more common, most stripes being vertical, while horizontal stripes are a legitimate option. Herringbone patterns are worn informally and casually. Some colours, such as purple or pink, are generally only worn with city shirts. Further, the use of colour is seasonal, with shades like green being associated more with autumn than summer ones like yellow.

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